August 10, 2022

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It’s no secret, things change fast in the firearms world. One minute you’re a law-abiding citizen, and the next you’re a felon. With the stroke of a pen, the government can outlaw your favorite parts, accessories, and firearms. In the past, the Assault Weapons Ban and Bump Stock Ban have demonstrated this.

With the growing change in the political climate, and general civil unrest, here are 10 firearm-related items you should buy today, because you may not be able to tomorrow.

1. Frames and Receivers

The first things you’ll want to buy while you still can are frames and receivers. The most obvious items to purchase are AR-15 lowers. However, with the recent BATFE attempt at reclassification, you may also want to grab some upper receivers.

Similarly, now would be a good time to get any 80 percent kits, chassis systems, and firing control units you’ve been eyeballing. Having a good stockpile of these will allow you to build the firearm whenever you want.

AR receiver set

2. Lover Parts Kits (LPK)

The BATFE is also trying to reclassify small parts such as AR-15 LPKs as controlled items, so this is another set of components you’ll want to stock up on. Whether it’s to build a new rifle or repair an old one, these small parts make your firearm function, so you’ll want to have them on hand. Springs break, parts wear, and if you cannot fix and maintain your rifle, it could become little more than a paperweight.

AR-15 lower parts kit

3. Triggers

If you have any upgrades or builds in the works, you’ll want to buy the triggers you’ll need. AR-15 trigger units — especially those that function like binary or echo triggers — are controversial.

Recently, the BATFE reclassified a Rare Breed trigger as a machine gun because the trigger’s sear forces the trigger to reset after you fire, allowing a faster rate of fire. Rare Breed is currently suing the BATFE over the decision. Similar to bump stocks, these hybrid triggers (and even standard replacement triggers) may be subject to new regulations in the near future.

CMC Trigger

4. Bolt Carrier Groups (BCG)

Bolt carrier groups are another recent point of contention with the BATFE. Having a couple spare BCGs is good insurance in case one of your AR-15 rifles goes down. The BCG is the part of your rifle that takes a beating each time the rifle fires, so having a backup will help keep your rifle running longer. If you are planning for the future, I’d have at least one spare BCG for each rifle in your collection.

Wilson Combat AR BCG

5. Stocks and Braces

There have been several recent attempts by the BATFE to restrict access to pistol stabilizing braces. It would like to reclassify popular braces as stocks, reclassifying AR pistols by making them subject to NFA regulations similar to how SBRs are regulated. This could easily turn legal gun owners into felons — unless they register their firearms. Additionally, the ATF’s past actions with SB Tactical have presented similar ramifications.

There have also been restrictions on collapsible stocks in the past. During the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, semi-automatic firearms that had a combination of at least two “military” features — like folding or telescoping stocks, pistol grips, threaded barrels, or bayonet mounts — were restricted. However, firearms with these features at the time the bill was enacted were grandfathered in and not subject to the regulation.

SBA3 Pistol Stabilizing Brace

6. “High-Capacity” Magazines

It is always a good time to stock up on “high-capacity” magazines, whether that be your 33-round Glock sticks, 30-round PMAGs, or similar extended mags. You should also pick up some drum magazines for your preferred firearms. Spare magazines for pistols that hold over 10 rounds are another item that may want to stock up on before they are targeted. Magazine springs will eventually wear out, so you want to ensure you have a good supply.

Pro Tip: Buying a few spare mags here and there doesn’t hurt the wallet and is good insurance for the future.

AR-15 Mags and Ammo

7. Ammunition

You should also stock up on ammunition for all of your firearms. Recent times have shown that the supply can dry up… Ammo could also be subject to increased taxes or legal processes to purchase. It is always good to have a healthy stockpile of ammunition on hand — especially if you’re preparing for a SHTF scenario.

Additionally, in the past, ammunition such as green tip M855 rounds and hollow points have been restricted. Recently, the Biden Administration has proposed denying new Form 6 submissions and warned it will deny all future renewals. Technically, this will not have an immediate effect, but the writing is on the wall as current Form 6 importation will expire over the next two years.

Pile of rifle ammo

8. ARs, AKs, and Other Semi-Auto Rifles

Some of the most obvious and talked about items to buy before a potential ban are semi-automatic rifles. AR-15s, AR-10s, AK-47s, and all other semi-auto rifles are heavily scrutinized. This is especially true if they accept a detachable magazine or incorporate other “military” features such as a pistol grip or adjustable stock.

This is even more likely with firearms manufactured in foreign countries, as the Biden Administration has proved with its recent ban on Russian firearms. They already must be imported in a restricted configuration and reconfigured in the U.S. to remain 922r compliant.

Studio shot of a Russian AK-47 in front of pelican cases, ready for travel.

9. Semi-Automatic Pistols and Shotguns

It’s not just rifles, semi-automatic pistols and shotguns are also under the magnifying glass. “High-capacity” semi-auto pistols such as SIG, HK, CZ, and Glock could be subject to future regulations.

Additionally, semi-auto shotguns with features dubbed “tactical” such as pistol grips, magazine tube extensions, and adjustable stocks may also be a target. So, if there’s a new firearm you’ve been considering, grab it before it’s gone.

SIG P226 with light on table with sunglasses, magazine and ammo

10. Scopes and Optics

Though not currently under the microscope, you may also want to buy optics for your firearms. Specifically, more tactical optics such as red dots and holographic sights may come under fire. They may not be banned outright, but they could face further restrictions and regulations, similar to suppressors in certain parts of the country. If you’re already covered on most of the other items on this list, or have your eye on a new optic, don’t wait, pick it up today.

EOTech Red Dot Optic

Final Thoughts

When you get into a politically-charged hobby such as firearms, the future is uncertain. As we’ve seen recently with the Biden Administration’s plan to ban the importation of firearms and ammunition from Russia, and the BATFE’s reclassification of certain accessories, availability can change overnight. Take advantage of what you can buy today, while you still can.

What are you stocking up on right now? Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in August of 2021. It has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and clarity.

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