August 3, 2021

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How to train for long range rifle targets.

Long range shooting is popular across the globe. There are several factors that you need to look into in order to get started in training for long-range rifle targets. They include:

  • Accuracy versus precision
  • Finding the best rifles for long-range hunting
  • Choosing the best rifles for long-range competition
  • Finding good optics

Long-range shooting involves several shooting disciplines where the distance between the riffle and the target is significant enough to prompt the shooter to calculate various ballistic factors such as wind and gravity in order to hit the target. 

Although long-range shooting is popular in many areas across the globe, it isn’t easy to master. It requires a combination of the right equipment, adequate training, patience, and practice. 

Accuracy Versus Precision

Accuracy is the most critical aspect of long-range shooting, whether you are a police marksman, hunter, or a long-range competitor. It is the ability to shoot precisely where you aimed at your preferred range. An accurate rifle should hit exactly where you aim and close enough to the necessary point in subsequent rounds. 

On the other hand, precision is the ability to place multiple shots on the same group or spot. It is essential for precision shooters, especially when they are trying to maintain a small target. Precision entails repeatability. In other words, hitting exactly in the same spot each time is more critical than exactly where the round hits. 

When training for long-range rifle targets, it is vital to determine whether you need precision, accuracy, or both

Best Rifles for Long-Range Hunting

When it comes to long-range hunting, the goal is to get at least one or two shots on game. Hitting vital areas is more critical than ensuring that the shots are precisely in the same spot. Fortunately, there is a great variety of long-range hunting rifles that you can choose from. 

The Seekins Precision HVAC is an affordable long-range hunting rifle. It weighs slightly below 7 pounds. Other companies that build good rifles for long-range hunting include; Remington, Winchester, and Ruger. 

The scope of your hunting determines the choice of a rifle. Many professional hunters are inclined to the 6.56PRC  due to its hard-hit grounds and low recoil, making it perfect for harvesting game humanely at long ranges. If you are hunting varmints or smaller game, you can select fast, light, and flat shooting rifles from the same companies. They come in several calibers that can allow you to consistently and accurately hit small targets at long distances. 

Choosing the Best Rifles for Long-Range Competition

When it comes to long-range competitions, accuracy is vital, but precision is the main ingredient for success. If you are a beginner, a rimfire is a great option that doesn’t have to break your bank. You can purchase a precision rimfire from Ruger at an affordable price. Other companies where you can buy a good rifle for long-range competitions include; Thomson Center Arms, Savage, HS Precision, and Tikka’s Tactical. 

To get started on most local precision rifle matches, all you need to do is add some decent optics to your entry-level rifle. You may opt to add a bi-pod or tripod setup, a decent scope, and a few bags as you advance. However, it is essential to keep in mind that riffles and their accessories can be expensive, and you should start small and work with your budget. 

Best Optics for Long-Range Shooting

There are several factors that you need to consider when selecting the best optic for your long-range shooting. The first is the lenses. You want to choose optics with lenses that present a crystal clear picture at both high and low magnifications. The second is the material used to make the body of the scope. It should be made from an incredibly durable and high quality material, which in most cases is aircraft-grade aluminum. Remember that the body of the optic can affect its durability as well as precision. Other factors to look out for when shopping for optics include; the objective lens size, reticle, magnification power, focal plane, and the available adjustment ranges. 

Best Ways To Train for Long-Range Shooting

Suppose you are just starting on long-range rifle shooting. In that case, the best way forward is to get a solidly performing but affordable rifle and the minimal accessories necessary, including a good optic. You should then spend the rest of your money and effort on ammunition and training. Precision-rifle shooting is increasing in popularity, and it should be easy to find some high-quality, well-trained instructors in most states. 

Whether you are shooting at game in the field, steel at a range of targets in a competition, your rifle is just the means. Your success at shooting will be determined by your hard work towards perfecting your accuracy and precision. You can start with the available equipment and then upgrade once you can outshoot your current rifle. 

Long range shooting is a fun activity that you can engage in along with your friends and family. All you need to get started is a good rifle and high quality training.