September 24, 2021

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Anthony Wahome, Chairman of Kenya's National Gun Owners Association (NGAO-Kenya), fires a 9mm. pistol at a gun range in Kirigiti, Kiambu county, approximately 17 kilometres north of capital, Nairobi on August 14, 2019. - Licensed firearm sports is a quietly growing niche in Kenya, known otherwise for illegal small-arm infiltration where Kenya government estimates stand at at least 700,000 light weapons are in civilian hands, of which only 2% are legally registered, and the private gun-owners sponsored range run by NGAO-K hosts boast of some of the best shooters in the region and Africa as a whole. (Photo by TONY KARUMBA / AFP) (Photo credit should read TONY KARUMBA/AFP via Getty Images)

Shooting range: Indoor vs Outdoor

Whether you shoot targets for fun or you visit a gun range to hone your skills for work purposes, it’s beneficial to consider the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor facilities. In this guide, we’ll explore the key differences between indoor and outdoor ranges and the benefits they offer. 

The key differences between indoor and outdoor gun ranges

The most obvious difference between indoor and outdoor gun ranges is the environment. While indoor ranges are sheltered and protected from the elements, outdoor ranges are exposed and open. Indoor ranges are open come rain or shine while they may be restrictions and closures for outdoor facilities in the case of extreme weather. 

Another significant difference between outdoor and indoor gun ranges is the versatility and range of activities available. Indoor ranges tend to be more limited in terms of what you can do as a shooter as there is a potential risk of ricochets. With outdoor shooting, you can try a wider range of shots and use a more diverse range of guns and calibers as being out in the open carries a lower risk of injuries and accidents. 

The pros and cons of indoor shooting ranges

Indoor shooting ranges are incredibly popular and they cater to people with all levels of experience and shooting ability. Indoor ranges are more common than outdoor ranges and this means that they are usually more accessible. One of the key benefits of visiting an indoor gun range is protection from the weather. When you shoot inside, you don’t need to worry about the impact of extreme heat, snow or frost or heavy rain and high winds. In some cases, indoor shooting ranges also offer a wider range of amenities and facilities, including shops and stores to buy ammunition and rent guns. 

While there are several advantages of going to an indoor range, there are also drawbacks. Indoor facilities tend to be more limited in terms of the guns you can use and the caliber and type of bullets you can fire. Some people also prefer to be out in the open when they shoot. 

The pros and cons of outdoor gun ranges

Outdoor gun ranges offer an alternative to indoor shooting ranges. The major benefits of outdoor ranges are the setting and the versatility. Many people enjoy escaping the city or getting out into the great outdoors to shoot targets or do drills. Being outdoors on a pleasant day can be a hugely enjoyable experience. There is also scope to fire a wider range of bullets and to use different types of guns at an outdoor range. Experienced shooters may find that outdoor ranges suit them better than indoor centers. Outdoor shooting also tends to be safer, as there is a lower risk of ricochets. Being exposed to the elements can also provide more challenging, lifelike conditions for firearms training.

The most significant disadvantage of going to an outdoor range is the threat of bad weather putting pay to your plans. In some cases, when the forecast is poor, shooting ranges will close for safety reasons. 

Which is best for me: indoor or outdoor?

There is no universal answer to this question, as there are several factors that can influence peoples’ opinions and everyone is unique. Many people have a preference but some like to use both indoor and outdoor ranges to enjoy different experiences. There are pros and cons of both indoor and outdoor gun ranges but both types of facilities can provide excellent bases for shooting targets and taking part in activities and exercises. If you’re not a fan of getting cold or being pelted with rain or you’re looking to enjoy a host of amenities, indoor ranges may be more appealing. For those who like to spend time in the open and enjoy the fresh air, outdoor ranges will be a more attractive proposition. Outdoor ranges can also be more versatile for more advanced shooters who want to use higher calibers. 


Gun ranges are popular places and people who enjoy shooting targets and developing their skills have a selection of options. There are advantages and disadvantages of both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges and in many cases, people like to try both before deciding which they prefer. Indoor ranges offer protection from the elements and access to amenities while outdoor ranges offer an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and engage in a wider range of activities. If you’re new to shooting, you may want to start at an indoor range and then try outdoor shooting once you are more confident.