June 16, 2021

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The Ideal Way to Store Ammunition

If you like to participate in recreational, training, or competitive shooting events, then you have plenty of ammo that you need to store. In all likelihood, you also have a diverse selection of ammunition as well if you have weapons that chamber different types of rounds. 

While you may just have a surplus of ammo, it’s also possible that you buy your ammunition in bulk to save some money on this expensive hobby. Knowing the best way to store your ammo is important. 

Keep It in the Original Box 

The first thing to know about storing your ammunition is that the ammo should be stored in its original box. Ammunition is susceptible to damage when carried around loose in an ammo can or some other container.  

It’s also difficult to trade ammunition with fellow gun enthusiasts if it’s not in the original box.  

There’s a certain level of confidence that comes with having ammunition in its original box, as there will be no question of the caliber, grain, or manufacturer since the original storage container lists that information.

Store in a Dark, Dry and Cool Place 

Just as important as storing ammo in its original box is storing ammunition under the proper atmospheric conditions. The effectiveness of a round is less determined by its age than temperature and lighting. Manufacturers recommend you store ammunition in a dark, dry, and cool location, like a closet.  

Ammo needs to be stored in a cool area because fluctuations in temperatures can cause both humidity and condensation. The moisture from these processes can corrode the casings, causing a loss of structural integrity, and contaminate the gunpowder. 

You should also be careful not to store your ammo near chemical compounds and solvents like cleaning supplies, as they have the potential to contaminate the gunpowder or primer. 

The Dangers of High Temperatures 

Avoid storing ammunition in your car on a hot or sunny day. Higher temperatures can adversely affect the way the ignition powder and round performs. 

With extremely high temperatures, there can be a rapid degradation of ammo chemical components. Although cartridge casing and the bullets are relatively unlikely to have a chemical reaction in extreme temperatures, that’s not the case for the gunpowder and priming mixture. Eventually, those chemical reactions cause a degradation in performance and possibly a malfunction. 

High temperatures affect performance also. The hotter the propellant, the faster the powder burns and the higher the pressure pushing the round out of the barrel, which increases the bullet’s velocity. 

Hot air provides less drag on a bullet, so shooting on very hot days means less drag on the bullet. 

Humidity can cause corrosion of the brass casing and the bullet. The adverse effects of humidity don’t only mean the corrosion will change the dimensions of the case. The humid air can also create friction and prevent the cartridge from fitting properly in the chamber. Corrosion weakens a cartridge, making the rounds unsafe to shoot. 

Another important characteristic regarding the effects of high temperatures on rifle or pistol cartridges is that there are certain lead and jacketed bullets containing lubricant in the grease grooves. If it becomes too hot, the grease leaks out of the grooves and into the powder, contaminating the round and causing it to misfire. 

Winchester Ammo

Organizing Stored Ammo

Organization of your ammunition can help you locate the rounds you need, keep track of what ammo needs to be replenished and enable you to know when to reorder the various types of cartridges you store. 

Ammo is easy to organize. Simply stack the original boxes on shelves or in an ammo box or crate and label it.  

Ammunition Storage Boxes

There are several off-the-shelf ammunition storage systems to help keep your rounds organized. 

For example, the MTM AC4C Ammo-Crate System comes with four cans and an ammo crate. The Plano Ammunition Field Box is a stackable ammo box. The Redneck Convent Metal Case Can is a steel ammo can that has an air-tight and water-tight seal. 

At FirearmPricesOnline.com we sell stackable 50-Caliber Ammo Cans made of either steel or plastic that can hold more than 1,000 rounds. We also sell pistol ammo boxes that hold 100 rounds and rifle ammo cases will hold 50 rounds. 

Quality Control for Long-term Storage

Modern ammunition is designed to last for decades. Purchasing quality case-mouth seal and primer seal is one of the best long-term storage solutions as they protect your ammunition from moisture and extreme heat. 

Final Thoughts 

Proper ammo storage can prevent ammunition from misfiring, which is important whether you’re in a competition, defending yourself, or even teaching a class. 

FirearmPricesOnline.com has plenty of options for ammo and ammo cases, along with a number of firearm accessories, making it a one-stop-shop for shooting enthusiasts.

“Keep your ammo cool”

-Ray Brody

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